Storage Services

Have a family situation that require storage services?

For most people is unthinkable to sell all the stuff they have every time they move to a smaller place. If you are forced to move your belongings unexpectedly and do not have place for them you are probably going to need storage services. You do not have to worry anymore as our helpful staff at Johnson Moving and Storage is here to assist you with your immediate and long-term storage needs.

Johnson Moving and Storage has been working in Washington DC for more than 30 years. As a local mover you can count on our company to be fast and precise. Johnson Moving and Storage prides itself on helping people move their belongings and store them in special place where they can wait for you.

Family ready to moveStoring your personal files and things you have seldom or never use inside your home can make your space become even smaller. If you want to free up the space you need in your home or office, using storage services will help you achieve your goals. For a commercial or home business that requires maintaining a substantial inventory the benefits from utilizing storage services are great. The stored items can be organized together in one place that’s easy to access when needed.

Do your kids insist on storing their Barbies or Hot Wheels collections from childhood in your garage? We can help you save their valuable toys and the same time free your garage, just give us a call at (301) 960-5052. You reclaim your space and they can still keep their collections. And when the time comes for your children, your parents or yourselves to move, we offer a wide variety of moving services including organ & piano moving. Call us today at (301) 960-5052 and ask your questions about our discounts for seniors and students. Johnson Moving and Storage looks forward for the opportunity to satisfy all your storage needs.

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