How Do Furniture Movers Shift Heavy Items?

When Is a Dolly Used by a Professional Mover?

A mover’s dolly is an appliance which is used to help a furniture mover to transport heavy loads and large pieces of furniture. Most moving firms have dollies or will rent them on request, and it is possible to purchase dollies from firms that supply moving materials. Also, mover’s dollies are used in large warehouses and other places where bulky objects have to be moved regularly.

A standard mover’s dolly has a low platform on a set of wheels. These are reinforced so the dolly can carry large or heavy loads, and it is low to the ground to make sure overhead clearance is not a problem when moving through doors. It does not have handles, with users simply pushing the dolly. It is possible to secure large objects on a dolly using tie downs so they do not wobble or fall.

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