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How Do Furniture Movers Shift Heavy Items?


When Is a Dolly Used by a Professional Mover? A mover’s dolly is an appliance which is used to help a furniture mover to transport heavy loads and large pieces of furniture. Most moving firms have dollies or will rent them on request, and it is possible to purchase dolliesRead the Rest…

3 Typical Mistakes Families Make When Relocating

Couple surrounded by boxes resting

How to Avoid Typical Moving Problems Everyone knows how stressful and challenging a move can sometimes be. Trying to do everything at the same time, however, will not help you manage the project within a shorter timeframe, quite the opposite – it will lead to panic and disorganization. Unfortunately, veryRead the Rest…

How To Move Your Pets Without Stressing Them Out

Delivery Turtle

Useful Advice for All Pet Lovers, Who are Moving to a New Place No matter how much we avoid admitting it, pets are like kids, they get easily attached to a place and often feel stressed out when they change their normal habitat or are surrounded by too many unknownRead the Rest…

Things to consider before moving.

Boxes ready for moving and storage

Make the right decision and call for a mover The best way to deal with moving is to be well organized. Nobody likes moving, especially in Washington DC, because it’s considered such a stressful process. That is why, having a list with all you need to do prior to theRead the Rest…

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